March 24, 2023

Live results: How Americans vote for abortion

Since the Supreme Court’s decision to end abortion rights nationwide earlier this year, Roe v. Wade has become a staple in races across the country.

State lawmakers now have the final say on whether the measure will remain legal or restricted, and governors have the final say on whether the ban is in effect. Five states now have voting procedures that allow voters to directly intervene (already this year, voters in Kansas rejected a constitutional amendment that would lift abortion protections).

Proposition 3 would enshrine abortion rights in the Michigan Constitution and prevent the 1931 abortion ban from taking effect. The amendment would also protect other aspects of what they call “reproductive freedom,” including the right of individuals to make decisions about abortion management, contraception, prenatal care and artificial insemination.

Abortion is illegal in Kentucky except in cases where the life or health of the pregnant woman is at risk. Amendment 2 goes one step further and states that there is no right or protection for abortion in the state constitution.

Abortion is legal in California until it goes into effect, and Proposition 1 amends the state constitution to specifically prohibit officials from interfering with reproductive freedom, including decisions regarding abortion and birth control.

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