June 1, 2023

Tucker Carlson calls for an end to electronic voting machines

Fox News host Tucker Carlson called for an end to the use of electronic voting machines just hours after the first polls closed during Tuesday’s midterm elections.

Carlson argued on the network Tuesday night that the “fundamental problem” is “we don’t take democracy seriously if we use electronic voting machines or if we don’t need a photo ID to vote.”

“You will have those moments when everyone in the country is afraid of volatility because one side does not believe the result is real. You see it on both sides,” he continued as the first results of the elections came out.

“It’s not just, you know, ‘crazy right.’ So we can stop doing that.”

During his performance, Carlson referred to previously reported problems with voting machines in Maricopa County, Arizona, where local election officials said they were having trouble processing ballots electronically.

The prime-time host argued that such incidents undermine public confidence in the voting system.

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“And what happened today in Maricopa County, where there is a large percentage of voting machines, and electronic voting machines, according to the Arizona Association, 30 percent — they claim these are Dominion voting machines, but it almost doesn’t matter — are electronic — voting machines apparently don’t,” Carlson said. You allow people to vote.Whatever you think about it, the reason for it, it shakes people’s confidence in the system.

Dominion Voting Systems, one of the nation’s largest providers of voting systems, is suing Fox News for defamation for publishing false allegations by allies of former President Trump about its programs after the 2020 election.

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