February 1, 2023

Hochul Wins Full Term in New York Amid a Wave of Discontent

Governor Kathy Hochhol, a previously unknown Buffalo Democrat, won a full term as New York’s governor on Tuesday, after a strong pandemic-era outcry made her party the first-ever woman to serve as the state’s top governor. Selection.

The historic victory for Huchul, who unexpectedly took office just a year ago, gave Democrats a bright spot on a dull night in New York. While Democrats exceeded expectations in many parts of the country, it was clear that New York voters were unhappy with the rising crime and the growing affordability crisis.

The race against the Republican congressman allied with Trump. He came so close to Lee in his later days that presidents past and present had had to stay out of swing states to fend off unrest. Finally, Ms. Hochhol, 64, was on course to win the narrowest margin for a New York governor in three decades, and her party faced the prospect of painful electoral losses.

In the governor’s race, Hochhol received 52.7 percent of the vote, compared to 47.3 percent for Mr. Zelden, with 94 percent of suburbs on Long Island and even parts of New York City turning largely to Republicans. Ms. Huchul maintained a strong presence in New York City and favorable margins in western New York.

This trend has been seen to varying degrees across the state, with Republicans likely to break the Democratic majority in the state Senate and swap as many as four seats in the House of Representatives. Among those at risk of losing was Representative Sean Patrick Maloney, the leader of the Democratic campaign in the National Assembly.

ImageA At Sean Patrick Maloney’s viewing party, supporters watched the return.
At Sean Patrick Maloney’s viewing party, supporters saw the photo again, Source: Lauren Lancaster for The New York Times.

Democrats have fared much better in races across the state, with the incumbents — including Senator Chuck Schumer — all winning by slightly larger margins than Hochhol.

Her poor performance and widespread concerns about her campaign could leave Mrs. Hochhol with dwindling political capital in Albany – and fresh pressure from precarious voters – as she tries to deliver on her promises to alleviate the state’s housing crunch, and fears about rising crime and removal of relocation. Presenting an ambitious plan to decarbonize the country.

At a victory gala in lower Manhattan, Ms. Hochhol vigorously acknowledged public safety concerns, but took her victory as evidence that New Yorkers wanted more from Albany than Mr. Rear’s one-sided proposals to reduce crime.

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