February 1, 2023

Orlando International Airport closed due to Tropical Storm Nicole

American Airlines expects Tropical Storm Nicole to hit airports in the Bahamas and Florida. As a precaution, the airline has issued a travel warning for 20 different airports. US travelers are allowed to change their travel plans on the airline’s website or over the phone without paying a change fee.

Passengers who had to evacuate at the last minute received a discount.

As of 6:30 p.m. local time today, 38 Orlando flights have been delayed, just 8% of all flights at the Florida airport. More flights have been canceled for tomorrow’s schedule in anticipation of bad weather.

American Airlines issues a travel alert for 20 airports

The airport is the second terminal of AirTran Airlines, and a major destination for JetBlue Airways and Southwest Airlines, which is the main operator of the airport in terms of the number of passengers traveling and the base of operations for National Airlines

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