February 1, 2023

NFL Power Rankings in Week 10:49 The Ravens are up by four

The NFL schedule goes through Week 10, the middle of the 2022 season, and here we have the NFL Power Rankings for Week 10. It looks like the rankings have gone up a bit this week with some major updates.

The Philadelphia Eagles, now 8-0 this season, retained the top spot this week, with the Kansas City Chiefs advancing to second and the Buffalo Bills dropping to third. Quarterback Josh Allen’s elbow injury could derail the Bills’ season, and if news emerges that he’s slowing down a bit, their prospects could start to crumble. Some of the top five are the Baltimore Ravens and the Minnesota Vikings, who went from seventh to fourth.

The Miami Dolphins, who won their second of three games this season, fell from fifth last week to seventh this week. This definitely has something to do with how we handle the energy here on the site, like what happened to the Dolphins when they beat the Chicago Bears.

Instead of just moving last week’s teams up if teams win or down if they lose, we started every week clean and had a few people to compensate. Josh Houtz and Kevin Nogle wrote different ratings of strength and took turns in different polls asking, “Who will win the Super Bowl?”

Remember in Rocky IV when Rocky stabbed and punched the indomitable Evan Drago in the first minutes, when he threw an all-out bloody cross on Drago’s eye? “Russian cut!” Their announcer called. Drago wasn’t invincible though.

Now, that doesn’t mean Lamar Jackson will ease geopolitical tensions between the US and Russia like Rocky Balboa did in 1985 (and I wouldn’t rule that out either). But Jackson and Raven showed the world that the Patriots were unstoppable. They cut it off. They have been provoked. They are not machines. They are men!

The entire race was open for Super Bowl LIV.

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