February 1, 2023

Britney Greiner was sent to Russia as punishment after being rejected, according to the report

Britney Greiner’s concerns came sooner than expected.

The process of relocating the WNBA All-Star to Russia has begun, the Russian legal team announced Wednesday in Moscow according to ESPN, a move her camp has feared since her drug conviction in August.

Greiner’s long-awaited appeal was rejected on October 25, paving the way for his transfer from a Moscow prison to the harshest conditions of the penal system, where prisoners are forced to work hard and are often mistreated.

Greiner was sentenced to nine years in prison in August.

The transfer reportedly began on Friday, a day after US embassy officials met Grenier. His lawyers have reportedly said the delivery will take weeks or months, so it appears that the move came prematurely. Lawyers say they no longer know where he is, because notice of his whereabouts comes in the mail and can take up to two weeks to arrive.

Griner representative Lindsay Kagawa Colas released a statement to ESPN asking for public support:

“Our greatest concern remains the health and well-being of BG. As we work through this difficult time of not knowing where BG is and how it works, we are asking the public to support us in continuing to write messages and provide their information, opinions, love and care.”

It remains unclear how Greiner’s decision will affect negotiations between US and Russian officials. The US is believed to have offered convicted Russian gunman Victor Bout a 2-for-1 deal with Grenier and fellow US prisoner Paul Whelan, but Russia appears to have asked for more from the other party. the modern history. .

Bill Richardson, a former governor of New Mexico who specializes in such matters, might consider a 2-for-2 deal to hire Griner and Whelan.

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