February 1, 2023

What are Zelenskyy conditions for peace with Russia

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky set five conditions for peace talks with Russia on Monday, including those he has said before, such as restoring Ukraine’s territorial integrity, punishing war crimes and reparations. What he didn’t say, unlike previous announcements, was that Putin would have to be out of power before such talks could take place.

Biden admin nudge led Ukraine to drop Putin condition for peace talks

One person said the change came after days of talks between Kyiv and Washington, including a personal visit to Zelensky with National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan. A senior US government official said US officials in Ukraine did not directly tell Zelensky and his aides to change their position, but made clear that Kyiv must demonstrate its willingness to end the war reasonably and peacefully.

The hope is to empower the world that Ukraine, not Russia, wants to resolve the conflict. “That doesn’t mean they should go to the negotiating table now. We don’t think now is the right time based on what Russia is doing.” But they need to show their willingness to resolve the conflict because no one wants this conflict to be more than Ukraine.” The individuals were granted anonymity to discuss sensitive and private conversations.

Democrats and Republicans have put pressure on Biden’s team in recent weeks to push for a diplomatic solution to the war. US officials have since confirmed that they are in contact with their Ukrainian and Russian counterparts to de-escalate tensions and avoid miscalculations, although there is no imminent campaign to persuade the warring parties to speak up.

Zelensky announced his new position ahead of the US congressional elections, in which Republicans are expected to retake at least one room — potentially jeopardizing further financial and military aid to Ukraine.

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