February 1, 2023

There were fears among liberals about the ruling, which they said took away a basic right, while the decision was welcomed by conservatives, who considered it a great victory.

The growing presence of those rejecting the election results among Republicans

It is noteworthy that if the Democratic Party loses control of one or both houses of Congress, this would complicate the remaining two years of President Joe Biden’s term, as passing any legislation in Congress would be extremely difficult for his administration.

California State Election 2022 live results: Governor, Senator and state offices

But Wilson sees that the issue of elections this year is not only about which party will have a majority in Congress, but also that many Republican Party candidates vying for local political positions or seats in the House and Senate, explicitly support former President Donald Trump’s claim that the presidential election The year 2020 has been “stolen” from him, and he claims that he would have beaten Biden had it not been for election rigging, although such allegations are untrue.

California State Election 2022 live results

Among the candidates who deny that Joe Biden won the election correctly, comes the top of the list of journalist and former broadcaster Carrie Lake, who is vying for the Arizona governor’s seat, but she is one of the most vocal defenders of Trump, she mentioned in an interview conducted with her last June during the election The primaries “Unfortunately the election was stolen and we currently have an illegitimate president in the White House.”

Lake isn’t alone in making such allegations, as Mark Finchim is the Republican candidate running for Arizona’s secretary of state. It is noteworthy that Finchim said during the 2020 elections that he would not have signed Biden’s victory in Arizona, which Biden managed to win over Trump, albeit by a narrow margin after confirming that by recounting the votes.

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