February 1, 2023

Details of a possible Hurricane Nicole in Florida and its consequences

A subtropical storm will hit several areas in the US state of Florida in the coming hours, according to the forecasts of the US National Hurricane Center, and here are the full details about Hurricane Nicole expected in the following lines.

This storm will make landfall in southern Florida as a Category 1 hurricane and will cause a wave of water and torrential rain, including in areas still recovering from Hurricane Ian.

Florida Prepares For Nicole: Evacuations Ordered, Airports Closing

And the US National Hurricane Center posted its warnings at 11 a.m. New York time: Storm Nicole, with winds of 45 miles (72 kilometers) per hour, is currently 495 miles east of the Bahamas in the Atlantic Ocean. The storm is expected to gain strength as it approaches Florida, reaching a Category 1 on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale with winds of 75 miles per hour before making landfall. Surveillance in Florida by tomorrow evening, Wednesday.”

Tropical Storm Nicole: Evacuation orders, shelters

Rain, strong winds and coastal flooding may begin along Florida’s east coast as early as Wednesday, with the hurricane approaching, especially at night.

Tropical storm warnings are in effect for the rest of Florida’s east coast north of Miami, as well as the coast of southern Georgia, indicating a high probability of tropical storm impacts.

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