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Your boyfriend is stingy if he uses iPhoneX & you use iPhone6 – Lady says

A lady is recently trended on twitter after she made a controversial post that has gotten a lot of attention. According to the lady identified as Bad Bitch, any lady that uses an iPhone 6 and her boyfriend uses iPhone X, without him upgrading her, then he is stingy.

In her statement, ladies that have such guys as boyfriends are not even supposed to be with them in the first place because such guys are considered selfish and only cater for themselves.

In her words:

“I wonder how your boyfriend will be using iPhone X and you the girlfriend will still be using iPhone 6? Why can’t he upgrade your phone for you? and he claims he loves you? I honestly don’t know how some of you girls put up with stingy guys. God forbid”

The post has actually gotten a lot of attention on twitter with many users claiming she is poor and have a poor mentality. According to one of the people that reacted to her post, it is only poor girls that will have it in mind that the man should be responsible for their well being .

One use even claims she did it for the attention and she should be delighted she has gotten the attention she sought. But if she actually meant what she posted, then she need to get help

Samantha Vou says:

I think she does these things for attention. She has you all triggered. But if she really thinks like this, she needs help. And reorientation.

El-Patron says:

U didn’t no dis tweet will go negative dis way ba? It’s OK for u to feel fine bin a liability but pls, don’t insult guys dt won’t indulge u of ur exuberant lifestyle. D girls dt bought iPhone X with Dia own money don’t have two heads. I no dt won’t make u feel ashamed Sha.




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