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Youthfulness is bliss. As long as we are still alive, we should continually strive to remain youthful cause that’s where life is enjoyed in it’s fullest mostly without health constraints and regulations. It is the time when we look sharpest and dance best.

The recently released TECNO smartphone – the TECNO Spark is a stylish device specifically designed for youths and supposed adults who consider themselves as young chaps regardless of what the calendar says.


Donning a stunning 5MP front and 13MP rear camera, the TECNO Spark can imprint your exact image on your phone in only 0.1s. Debuting state-of-the-art 3-in-1 lighting technology, the device can detect when you are trying to take photos or record videos in a lowlight environment and then automatically enhance the image brightness for a crisp, clear and vibrant photo.



A summation of crystal clear lights provided by the devices’ camera, flash and HD display screen are essential in capturing breathtaking photos whether during the day or at night.

In situations of complex ambient light, the dynamic adjustment of light and shade contrast of the TECNO Spark is called into action especially when capturing portrait images in backlight scenes. With up to 8 different customized inbuilt filters optimized for different skin colors, every photo is Social Media ready. J


Shot with the 13MP back camera

Shot with the 13MP back camera


Shot with the 13MP back camera


And what’s more? Asides the camera proficiency of the TECNO Spark, young lads can enjoy direct access to 1000+ songs on leading on-the-go mobile music player – Boom Play. With Boom Play, you can listen to hits from your favorite artiste across several genres round-the-clock. What is youthfulness if you cannot flaunt your looks and dance to trending tunes? No doubt, TECNO Spark is going to dominate the mid-range smartphones market for a long time due to its several innovative features and beautiful design.


According to information we got the TECNO Spark is currently the bestselling device in the market. The device retails for between N32, 800-N33, 000 in Nigeria




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