#LOANS: Watch The Daily Struggle Every FUTO Student Goes Through All In The Name Of Transportation…

This is the aftermath of the protest organized by the school students a few months ago. Before now, there have been a free flow of the vast means of transportation associated with a system as densely populated as Federal University Of Technology, Owerri(FUTO).

The students of the school organized a protest to speak against the hike in their school fees, but somewhere along the line, the ‘initially-meant peaceful’ march turned chaotic. This resulted to the subsequent shutdown of the school as school properties worth millions were destroyed in the process. Now, fast forward to three months later, the school reopened, but if the students think it;s business as usual then they are sleeping on a moving bicycle!lol. 

The school enacted laws and levies to both prevent a future reoccurance of the ugly incident and a penalize them for the past one. Now, they were all forced to pay a fee (famously called surcharge around there), sign an affidavit swearing to never repeat the act. As bad as all these are, the school didn’t stop there, they took away their convenient methods of moving round the school.

Shuttles were provided by the school to take students to their various destinations within the school premises.

The video below (made by a Policing Page for Nigerian students) will visually walk you through the hard knock life they got themselves into!

If I were to speak freely, I would say the VC won! hehehe. Sorry guys, na you do yourself.

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