#Accolades: Which one you de?


Following the video put up on Instagram on the 9th of April by Charles Okocha screaming I deserve some accolades, Accolade has been the most used word of recent on social media with people [mostly celebrities] and brands using it to showcase their achievements.



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Little did he know the video will go viral, but following the statement by president Buhari that Nigerians youths are Lazy, it became an instant avenue for Nigerians to demand respect for their hard work- Give me some accolades, I deserve some accolades became hot trend on social media with top celebrities and brands capitalizing on the trend to connect with their fans.


Brands such as MTN, YUDALA, TECNO MOBILE, DUREX, CHECK NIGERIA and LET’S VIBE TV have all jumped on the trend to connect with their fans. But among all these brand, only one of them seems to be receiving accolades from their fans for having successfully done well over the years.

From Instagram to Twitter, accolade is still being used by Nigerians home and abroad to drive home their points. Recently, Vice President-Yemi Osinbajo says both Elders and Youth of Nigeria deserve some accolades for their contribution to Nation Building.

When we look at the things you have done for the people around you or the Nation, Can God even say my son you deserve some accolades? LOL.


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