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#Accolade: Which Nigerian brand deserves it the most?

Following the “lazy Nigerian youths” statement by President Buhari and subsequent backlash from Nigerians all over the world, demanding that the president gives some respect to hardworking Nigerian youth, a trend was birthed and it’s the ‘accolade’ trend.


It now suddenly seems like a new word, whereas its been lying in the dictionaries for many years. It’s been buzzing on social media lately and celebrities have capitalized on it to showcase their hard work and creativity to fans home and abroad.


Notable brands also have cashed in on this accolade challenge, expectedly using it to promote their brands and commitment to serve customers/clients.


For the purpose of this thread, I shall examine top 3 brands using this ‘accolade challenge’…

  1. MTN: The mobile telecommunications giant didn’t sleep over this trend. They have been swift about using the accolade challenge in all sphare of their operation, not just to promote the brand, but also to show commitment to serve.


  1. TECNO: One of the leading mobile phone giants in Nigeria, have also used the accolade challenge as a tool in showing constant and committed effort to satisfy millions of customers in Nigeria and across the world at large.


  1. YUDALA: One of Nigeria’s best online and offline retail chain. It’s a house hold name in nigeria and they seem to have also taken advantage of this accolade challenge to attract lots of interests amongst Nigerian youths and even the elderly.


Having said this, it is important to note that Nigerian brands tend to capitalise on trends to promote their brands, and also to show commitment to ardent followers and prospective ones too.


Now, I’ll be waiting for these brands to give me accolades too. Or don’t I deserve accolades? I surely do. Cash accolades isn’t a bad idea, lol. 😁




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